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The Voyage

There is a misconception that migrants especially Nigerians move for the fun of it. However, there are many Nigerians who migrate because they do not have the right environment and structure that facilitates the grown of their career path. Quite a number of people have better opportunities outside Nigeria but they cannot leave because of funds and difficult processes. This body of work addresses these issues using Jimi, a basketballer in Ibadan pursuing basketball ( a sport not so popular and funded in Nigeria )who have been offered scholarships many times but cannot afford to pay for the other things required.

1.Jimmy's dedication to Succeed and meeting up with the standard of basketball.
2.Cross-section of the basketball court he plays in.
3.Letter of Acceptance and scholarship received from universities outside Nigeria
4.An average day in his life after an intense training session
5.Some days of random thoughts where he wonders if the struggle is worth it.
6. Outside Basketball, Jimmy tries to do random jobs to raise money for himself while he hopes to travel.


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